Kosinski Farms

Home of the North Country Blues


Farming has always been a way of life for both my husband Gene and I.    We both were born and raised on farms and believe the best environment and experiences children have on found on the farm.  Although our children no longer reside on the farm they stop by frequently or encourage our grandchildren to participate in the business.  Each takes their turn minding the stand or working in the packing shed.  Our family grows and harvests over 100 acres of produce here in the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts each year.  Our produce is picked daily and exemplifies freshness and quality.  Some of the produce and produce you will see both in our stands and local stores include:

    Blueberries - (July - Sept)

   Bell Peppers - (July - September

   Apples - (Aug - Nov)

   Pumpkins - (Sept & Oct)

   Winter Squash - (Aug - Nov)

   Eggplant - (July - Sept)

   Tomatoes - (Jun - Sept)

   Peaches - (July - Sept)

   Summer Squash - (July - Sept)


   Hanging Baskets - (Apr - Jun)

   Vegetable Flats - (May - Jun)

   Flower Flats - (Apr - Jun)

The Farms